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Halloween 2001, night of the Exotica Erotica Ball, courtesy of Tom:

 o Todd the lionhearted

 o Todd closeup

 o Tom the Matador

 o Silver James in iridescent red cloak

 o Todd and James

 o Todd and Tom

 o Todd and Tom (silly)

 o Tom and James

Halloween 2001, pictures from the BCAP benefit, courtesy of Tom:

 o Todd as a lion

 o Todd, Tom and Duncan

 o Todd and a cool cat

 o James as Hedwig

 o Tom as a pirate

Photos from Usenix 2000, most shamelessly stolen from Dug Song's Gallery:

 o Todd and Theo at Usenix 2000 in San Diego (yes, we'd been drinking...).

 o Aaron, Todd, Theo and Markus Niklas is hiding behind us giving me the devil horns...

 o OpenBSD developers. From left to right: Art, Mickey, Jason, Theo, Todd and Markus.

 o Chowing down on breakfast: Niklas, Markus, Todd, and Bob (we were not really awake yet).

 o OpenBSD developers snarf the remains of the Usenix board lunch and hack. Mats, Angelos, Niklas, Niels, Todd Fries, Art, Todd Miller, Eric Ziegast, Jason, Aaron, Bob Beck.

 o Team OpenBSD takes over the BSDi hospitality suite.Mmmm, helium balloons.

 o OpenBSD developers at the Usenix 25th anniversary reception.

Old photos from when I was in school.

Wow, I look so young!

 o Todd hiking up Gregory Canyon.

 o Halloween `91 with Todd as the infamous Ducktape Man!

 o Halloween `92 with Todd, Carrie, and Robin.

 o Todd and Evi at CU Graduation '93.

 o Todd at CU Graduation '93.

 o Todd when he worked for UUNET in the Summer of '92.

 o Todd saving face at Usenix in Cincinati.

I also have some photos from when I was in Switzerland over the summer of 1999.