Todd C. Miller
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Old Photos from Switzerland

Some photos from when I was in Switzerland over the summer

Below are some photos I took on 7/24/1999 in the Rheinfall region and in the city of Shaffhausen. I haven’t had a chance to add captions or clean up the photos yet (they could use some tweaking).

Pictures of the Rhine Falls, there were lots of people…

However, as I walked along the Rhine to Shaffhausen there weren’t too many people.

But when I got to Shaffhausen I was surprised to find lots of people hanging out on one of the walking malls. They were obviously waiting for something to happen and I soon found out what. There was a parade of people pn flatbed trucks being used as floats with loud techno music blaring and and people dancing on the trucks. Some of them were decked out in pretty wild costumes as you can see.

The view from the Munot (a fortess for the defence of the city) was quite nice. There is a deer park surrounding the building. The deer make a bleating sound which surprised me…

Unfortunately, you can’t see the painting on this tower too well…