Todd C. Miller
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Series1 TiVo hacks

I originally bought a Series1 TiVo in 2000. Since then I’ve owned a number of different models (currently a Roamio). I can’t imagine going back to TV without it, though these days I watch more streaming content than network TV.

I no longer have the original Series1 TiVo I bought back then. I enjoyed upgrading (bigger disk, CacheCard, etc) and hacking on it but the desire to have an HDTV won out. It still worked fine when I gave it away, which is pretty impressive.

Here you will find some of my old hacks for the Series1. For those still using a Series1, the DTV tuner hack may be of interest. I was able to pickup a number of stations using a simple in-door antenna (T-style FM antenna or rabbit ears with a UHF loop). However, there’s no TiVo support for controlling DTV converter boxes. Thus began my weekend project of hacking my TiVo to be able to drive the DTV converter. Hopefully, this info will be useful to others who want to control their own DTV converter boxes.