Todd C. Miller
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I used to use Rob Kolstad’s troff resume macros but my troff skills are pretty rusty these days and I figured it was a good excuse to learn some more LaTeX. One especially useful resource I discovered was Mathew Boedicker’s LaTeX resume tips.

I reviewed a number of different LaTeX resumes and templates and finally settled on David Grant’s template. Unfortunately, it uses the old shading.sty style which exhibits bugs on the version of teTeX I was using and doesn’t work with pdflatex. I went looking for an alternate approach and found that color.sty, which is shipped with most TeX distributions, is capable of doing the shading.

After some fiddling to get everything looking the way I liked, I now have:

Feel free to adapt this for your own resume. It is certainly possible to add a bit of color if you like–I didn’t want the resume to look too busy. If you’d like to add a border around the grey boxes, just change \colorbox{mygrey} to \fcolorbox{black}{mygrey}.

George Louthan has created a CTAN package based on this template. The resulting LaTeX style file is easy to use and probably a better choice if you are new to to LaTeX.

Please note that the ASCII version was hand-formatted. I’m not aware of a latex to ascii translator that preserves formatting, though detex can be used to extract the actual text. The UK List of TeX Frequently Asked Questions has a list of some other TeX to ASCII formatters.